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  • A Business Owner Becomes His Own Landlord

    No Lease, No Problem Our client knew it would make sense to purchase a building for his orthodontic practice, but running a busy business left him no time to handle the details of real estate. Titanium did all the legwork to secure the location, negotiate a good rate, and even find a second tenant to offset costs.

  • New Business, New City

    Investing 150 Miles Away Start a business in another city? A tough prospect if you don't have people on the ground. Titanium did the hard work of searching for a location to help a young couple start their first company on the right foot.

  • Landlords on the Beach

    Collecting Rent Checks Without Having to Manage A Property Imagine becoming a landlord without any of the work. Someone else finds a building for you, negotiates the purchase, and handles the tenants. That’s exactly what two of our clients did after retiring from their small business in 2017.

  • An Experienced Investor Chooses To Simplify

    Deferring Taxes with a 1031 Exchange One client has been investing in real estate since 1969, so he knew how complicated it could get.He switched to Titanium to help him buy and sell property and is loving his newfound freedom.


Identifying solutions to maximize your investments.

Stock market index graphs background.A 1031/1033 exchange is a highly technical financial transaction. We are here to oversee your exchanges and ensure that they are successfully completed. A 1031 exchange is one of the few techniques available to postpone or potentially eliminate taxes due on the sale of qualifying properties. By deferring the tax, you have more money available to invest in another property. In effect, you receive an interest free loan from the federal government, in the amount you would have paid in taxes. Any gain from depreciation recapture is postponed and you can acquire and dispose of properties to reallocate your investment portfolio without paying tax on any gain. Learn More
For investors looking to sell or buy investment grade properties or portfolios, we offer comprehensive transaction solutions. If you are looking to acquire a property investment for short, medium or long-term gain, we can identify the most suitable opportunities in the market. If you are an owner, you may be looking to release under-performing investments or simply to divest from an asset or a market to seize gains. We will advise you on the best strategies available to help you achieve a maximum return on your property and minimize your transaction risk. Learn More
generic modern building - symbol of successWe work with you toward the goal of maximizing the financial potential of your property assets. We integrate purchase, due diligence, management, leasing, construction, and sale or recapitalization. We scrutinize all expense categories, including taxes, utilities, vendor contacts, and capital projects. Our asset management philosophy is based on a customized asset plan for your property. We will maximize value by generating greater cash flow through raising income, reducing expenses, and improving the capitalization rate. Learn More
Two businessman shaking handsOur extensive expertise creates quality buildings and tenant spaces that meet any business requirements. We work with investors and tenants to ensure cost effective execution of capital plans. If you are considering capital planning and execution, build-to-suit, or informed site selection options, we have the expertise to assist you. Learn More
Two businessman shaking handsSale-leasebacks offer an alternative to conventional financing as a means of raising capital. Sale-leasebacks allow business owners the opportunity to unlock capital currently allocated to an illiquid asset. We can assist owners in the sale of their real estate, while simultaneously structuring a long-term net lease with the purchaser, allowing the owner to retain operational control of their asset. Learn More
Individual income tax return form, glasses, pen and calculator on desk We work toward solutions that maximize value, minimize costs, and optimize the accounting and tax implications associated with real estate transactions. We will work with you and your advisors to put together your next real estate transaction in the most tax efficient manner.
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“Empowered by a high expectation leadership style, Titanium Partners, drives teams to set and achieve unparalleled standards of service and revenue growth.”
“The group investing concept was new to us but provided essential funding for our business.”
“Brian is a very knowledgeable leader in the commercial real-estate business. He has helped The Norgren Group with a 1031 Exchange and the outcome was very positive He is very professional and attentive to making sure the deal gets done.”
Chris Norgren, Chief Manager, The Norgren Group LLC
“I have dealt with many different people on various real estate projects, and without a doubt Brian Forcier has been the most professional and competent individual I have ever dealt with. He is a man with integrity and candor, both traits I find missing in so many others. It has been an utmost pleasure working with Brian; he certainly has gained my respect and appreciation.”
“It is with sincere enthusiasm that I recommend Brian Forcier’s expertise, professionalism and insights in the realm of commercial property. Brian’s availability and insights into financial planning, negotiations with the seller and his connectedness with contractors and services providers around the state were priceless. All in all its been tremendous year of growth and change for our organization as we just moved into our new building this week. Brian Forcier certainly helped us develop what was once just a dream.”
Dr. David Plude, Psychologist, Arrowhead Psychological Clinic, P.A.